Harrison TilePayment

All projects start with a proposal. After the terms of the proposal are agreed upon, the customer will be asked to sign a contract and provide a 10% deposit. A project will not be scheduled until we receive a signed contract and deposit. An additional 10% payment will be required at the time the project work is started. Depending on the size of the project, additional progress payments may be required while work is in progress. In this case, we will provide a schedule of payments against progress. Final payment of any outstanding amount is due at the time the project is completed.

We accept payment by check only.


We stand behind our work, and are proud of the high quality of workmanship that we provide on each project.

There are several warranties that are law in California, as defined in the California Business and Professions Codes, and in the California Civil Code. Our contract provides more detail regarding warranties and responsibilities. At the time you review the contract, if you have additional questions, you may contact us.