Why Choose Harrison Tile?

Harrison TileCommitment to Quality – We work with only the top-rated materials, from established local suppliers. Each project receives our undivided personal attention.

Communication — We are committed to open and honest communication with you throughout the project, from the first conversation about an estimate, to the time work is completed. We want to be sure that customers understand our processes, and are kept appraised of progress, issues, questions, and anything else they need to know. Open communication and teamwork between management and staff plays a significant role in our work environment. We also maintain continuous communication with your general contractor, architect, project manager, and/or designer during each project, to ensure a timely and successful outcome.

Reliability — Our team of professionals is committed to providing a quality job, each and every day. Once installation starts, the same crew will work on your job each day, insuring consistency in their work. Our team generally arrives at the job site between 8:00 and 9:00 am each day, and their workday ends at 4:30 pm (including a 30-minute lunch break).

Cleanliness — Our installers always perform a thorough clean-up when they have completed work for the day, including wiping down surfaces, vacuuming up debris, and putting away all tools and supplies.

Responsiveness — We strive to return all phone calls within one business day, and to answer your questions as soon as possible.